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Bahrain Branch (UKCC) of the Cochrane


The Yerevan Declaration which concluded the recent successful EBM conference at the Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health (NIH) and at the Republican Scientific Medical Library (RSML) in Armenia, highlighted the need for an increased involvement with international organizations such as the Cochrane Collaboration. We are pleased to announce that following discussions with the Director of the Bahrain Branch (UKCC) of the Cochrane Collaboration Prof. Zbys Fedorowich, the RSML has now entered into a partnership arrangement with the Branch. We hope that through this alliance we will be able to increase our involvement with the Cochrane Collaboration and in particular act as a focal point for Cochrane Collaboration activity within Armenia and the surrounding region.

A Cochrane review team based at the Yerevan State Medical University has just started working on a review "Antioxidant micronutrients for lung disease in cystic fibrosis" which we hope will encourage other researchers to undertake a Cochrane review.

More about Cochrane Collaboration 

> What is Cochrane Collaboration?

The Cochrane Collaboration which took its name Archie Cochrane consists  at global network consists of a global network of 12 Cochrane Centers, including 50 Cochrane Review Groups who are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of Cochrane reviews.

 >Cochrane Video Series

The Cochrane Collaboration is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and series of videos has been produced focusing on the ideas, achievements and Cochrane Contributors. The videos are available on the YouTube channel

For further information please contact:

 Anna Shirinyan
 Director of the RSML
Prof. Rouben Hovhannesyan  
Chief Editor of the Armenian Medical Review Journal


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