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Network of Medical Libraries

The RSML continues to provide the leadership and guidance for the Network of Medical Libraries (NML) in the country. The NML consists of medical libraries, including Yerevan State Medical University Library, National Institute of Health Library and libraries of other major institutions and hospitals in the country.

The RSML coordinates the NML activity, provides interlibrary loan services and makes biomedical information available to the health professionals and researchers through the NML. The library also arranges consultations, workshops and trainings for the medical librarians,  assisting them in developing their professional skills and knowledge.

The libraries involved in the NML are:

Armenian Medical Institute                 
Titogradyan St. 14, Yerevan             
Head Librarian: Arusyak Vahanyan      
Phone: (374-10) 451923                            

Center of Family Planning and Sexual Health                 
Abovyan St. 56, Yerevan             
Head Librarian: Rena Stepanyan      
Phone: (374-10) 581243         

Clinical Hospital 3                 
Dzorapi St. 40, Yerevan             
Head Librarian: Silva Balyan      
Phone: (374-10) 536712   

Haybusak University         
Abelyan St. 6, Yerevan  
Head Librarian: Anyuta Hakobyan     
Phone: (374-10) 390681       

Instituteof Physical Medicine        
Orbeli St. 41, Yerevan           
Head Librarian: Nelli Akopova   
Phone: (374-10) 274941                         

National Institute of Health       
Komitas Ave.49/4, Yerevan            
Head Librarian:  Irina  Soboleva    
Phone: (374-10) 231838                      

Oncological National Center    
Fanarjian St.76, Yerevan                
Head Librarian: Amalia Tadevosyan  
Phone: (374 10) 287681                                
E-mail: armoncology@yahoo.com         

Ophtalmological Center after S.V.Malayan   
Fuchik St.30, Yerevan               

Phone: (374 10) 345411                               
E-mail: www.eyecenter.am     

Scientific Center of Burns and Medical Radiology  
Davitashen St. 25a, Yerevan  
Head Librarian: Rima Parsadanyan   
Phone: (374-10) 399154

Scientific Center of  Traumatology and Orthopaedy  
Nork St. 9, Yerevan   
Head Librarian: Karine Jivanyan     
Phone: (374-10) 650062  

Scientific Research Center of Cardiology  
Yerevan, Paruyr Sevaki St. 5 
Head Librarian: Ruzanna Mnacakanyan
Phone: (374-10) 288579

Scientific Research Center of Maternal and Child Health Protection  
Mashtoc Ave. 22, Yerevan      
Head Librarian: Susanna Gevorkova     
Phone: (374-10) 530598    

Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology, Virology and  Medical Parasitology  
Khudyakov St.1, Yerevan             
Head Librarian: Gayane Khanjyan   
Phone: (374 10) 629920   

State Medical College “Erebouni”  
Titogradyan St. 129, Yerevan  
Head Librarian: Mariam Dongelyan   
Phone: (374-10) 470760 

“Surb Astvatsamayr” Medical Center  
Artashisyan St. 46a, Yerevan     
Head Librarian: Rima Kolotyan  
Phone: (374-10) 420673  

“Surb Grigor Lusavorich” Medical Center  
Gyurjyan St. 10, Yerevan   
Head Librarian: Anahit Yepremyan   
Phone: (374-10) 630493

University of  Traditional Medicine  
Babajanuyan 38a, Avan,
Head Librarian: Julieta Safaryan    
Phone: (374-10) 616290

Yerevan State Basic Medical College  
Koryuni St. 10, Yerevan    
Head Librarian: Marina Poghosyan  
Phone: (374-10) 565730 

Yerevan State Medical University
Koryuni St. 2, Yerevan  
Head Librarian: Armine Harutyunyan
Phone: (374-10) 564811    


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