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Educational Service

Besides being the main storage and provider of biomedical information RSML has educational responsibilities in the process of graduate medical education and CME.

> Library Workshops and Classes                                                   
  Register for a hands-on class held in the library training room.
> Tutorials                               
  Take an online tutorial to learn how to use e-resources.

Library Workshops and Classes

RSML offers classes and workshopsfor health professionals and medical librarians. The aim of the classes is to train them to utilize the library and internet resources through the following options:

> Finding quick and useful medical information                                                        
> Developing a strategy for finding information
> Accessing the services, materials and resources within the library

All classes are held in the training room, on the second floor in the library. Training sessions are offered monthly for both groups and individuals. Individual instruction and consultation is also available. Programs are announced on the Library Homepage or they can be emailed through library's newsletter. For more information or to register for classes please call (+374 10) 24-96-77 or send an e-mail to info@medlib.am

Monthly Class Schedule/Monthly Calendar

The classes listed below are offered each month in the RSML. Please click on the name of the class to see when it is offered.

>  MEDLINE Searching via Ovid
This class teaches how to search MEDLINE via Ovid and also how to combine several medical terms by using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).
Time: 0,5 Hr(s)
Limit: 10 persons
Phone: (+374 10) 24-96-77
>  EBM
This class provides skills to access and search for Evidence-Based Medicine resources, such as The Cochrane Library, Bandolier, clinical queries via PubMed and other EBM resources. 
Time: 1 Hr(s)
Limit: 10 persons
Phone: (+374 10) 24-96-77
>  BioMed Central
The aim of this class is to distribute information about Open Access databases, particularly about BioMed Central, which provides free full text of many medical journal articles. 
Time: 1 Hr(s)
Limit: 10 persons
Phone: (+374 10) 24-96-77
>  PubMed
This class teaches how to use PubMed, the National Library of Medicine's search service, which provides access to the 20 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases. Topics covered include: how to search subject headings, keywords, and authors, use limitations and search for clinical queries.
Time: 1,5 Hr(s)
Limit: 10 persons
Phone: (+374 10) 24-96-77
If you are new to searching databases and searching on the Internet, use online tutorials to help you get started in your research. Watch online video tutorials to improve your searching skills.


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