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Brief History of RSML

Republican Scientific Medical Library (RSML) is one of the country's leading libraries, as well as bibliographic and information service centers for the medical community of Armenia.

The library was founded in 1939 as the main medical information source for health professionals. In 1946, as a result of a flood, the main collection of the library was completely destroyed. In 1949 the library was reestablished. During several decades the library has built one of the best biomedical information resource collections in Armenia, which nowadays amounts to more than half a million items. The collection includes printed and electronic literature from the field of medicine, textbooks, monographs, serials, thesis, audiovisual materials and microfiche.

The aim of RSML is to acquire, organize and preserve biomedical literature, as well as provide access to numerous resources.

The main focus of library activity is to provide information services for the medical professionals of the country with available traditional and modern reference systems. In addition, the library offers publishing, automation of document processing and searching, guidance in the network and professional development of medical librarians.The library offers wide and efficient information servicesthat support teaching, learning, research and patient care.

Since 1951 RSML has coordinated medical libraries of the country, making medical information available through Network of Medical Libraries (NML). NML consists of the libraries located in the medical universities, hospitals and medical organizations.

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